Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Some Pictures

I plan to do regimental profiles for each of the units I paint, but in the meantime I'm putting up the photographs of my work so far.

This is all the 6mm I've painted to date- four regiments of foot, one of horse, and one command stand.

This is a picture of the second line unit I painted (a bit better than the first). I'm using the British-style units, with four grenadiers. These are actually a bit fiddly and had I known just how fiddly I would have asked to have just line strips instead. That said, I do like how they look. The mounted colonels came from seeing mounted colonels in units in 28mm, which I thought looked quite good. There isn't much room for them, but they just about get on, and they do make the stand look more complete for me.

I haven't added colours to any of the units- I'd only today decided on the flag of Hassland, but they're in the works. The pole itself is made from a map-pin, with the plastic head broken off. It's fairly easy to cut the cast banner pole away, and stick this in. These are a little taller, and much stronger than the cast originals, which I was worried would eventually break off.


  1. A colorful and very pleasing array: looking for more!
    Regimental profiles can be a joy to write, when you are in the mood; 'tongue-in-cheek' and picaresque anecdotes are not everyone's taste, but are often asociated with imaginary (specially 18th C.) wargaming.


  2. Yellow coats - a good move!

    Great minds think alike...