Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Bit of Background

Well, after much discussion, I've finally started my imagi-nation blog, all about my fictional nation of Hassland. I plan to split this blog between In-Character posts, with information (and possibly narrative) told from the point of view of Hassland being a real country, and Out-of-Character posts, with me rambling on about how putting together my Imagi-nation army is going. I know a lot of blogs stick to one or the other, but I like the idea of keeping all of this project together.

I'd had the urge to get some 6mm miniatures for quite a while, and after I got a sample pack of Baccus miniatures (a really good idea, if you're tempted- not expensive, and have a variety of strips showcasing the range for your period of interest) I knew I'd have to get more. The idea for an imagi-nation was also playing in my mind, so it seemed natural to combine the two.


  1. Keeping all aspects of your project together and sharing all of them with us is, I think, the ideal solution. To various degrees according to the reader, all these aspects are interessing and all the corresponding posts inspirational.

  2. Welcome to the genial bunch!

    What about joining the 'Emperor vs Elector' community and its merry companions?